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Hemidemisemiquavers* . . .and other such things is a profusely illustrated guide to music notation. The rules and examples given in this quick-reference guide reflect the best principles of modem usage. Side-by-side illustrations show correct and incorrect examples that will benefit users of computerized music typesetting software and all who write manuscript by hand.

Many of the symbols used in modern notation were in use 300 years ago. As the evolutionary process continues, traditional practices which are no longer pragmatic must be discarded in favor of sensible reform. Library shelves are lined with sizeable volumes on the subject of music notation but many are so broad in their scope that they are cumbersome for quick reference. There has long been a need for a concise volume which addresses the subject in succinct terms. Hemidemisemiquavers fills this void.

Unless one notates music on a regular basis, it is difficult to remember the myriad rules of how to do everything correctly. Even the professional music copyist or typesetter must occasionally ponder the proper way to set down certain elements which are used infrequently because the rules of music notation escape the memory quickly.

Heritage Music Press: PP234
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 8883507
ISBN 0893281034

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*A hemidemisemiquaver is a sixty-fourth note. It is also called quadruple-croche in French, semibiscroma in Italian, Vierundsechzigstel or Vierundsechzigstelnote in German, and sernifusa in Spanish.

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